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Date: Tue, 22 May 2001 13:51:41 -0400

Hey, I did a search for my name on and it came up with myname in a forume that I forgot that I had signed up with. Pastedbelow are the comments that people have posted! Let me know what youthink!!

: : Does any one know anything about the B 24 Naughty Norma? Mygrandpa was on that plane. His name was Harold Rhodes. If anyone could give me any information on that plane that would be great!!! Thanks: :

: There were at least two B-24s named NAUGHTY NORMA in the 8th AF: B-24D-10 CO 41-23934 in 93rd BG, 329th BS: B-24J-85 CO 42-100281 in 389th BG, 566th BS: Both were painted olive drab/neutral grey. :

A T/Sgt Harold N. Rhodes of Arthurville, WV is listed in the Directory of the 389th BG Pictorial book which was published around 1946. If this is your Dad, then the 389th BG plane listed by Tom Brittan for the 566th BS would be the plane your Dad was affiliated with. George

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