As for Naughty Norma, she was on a mission to bomb industrial targets in SW Germany when she was shot down by flak 19 July 1944, 11:30 AM. A wing damaged and the tail section knocked loose. All of the crew bailed out at +/- 4500 ft. She then crashed at Menzenschwand on the Kaiserberg, 15 km NW of St. Blasien, Schwarzwald, or 25 km NNW of Waldshut, Germany. She was part of the 389th BG (H) 566 BS Hethel, Norfolk.

However, according to another report, while on this mission the plane ahead of them had just dropped their bombs but one bomb did not release. The bomb doors were closed and about that time the bomb dislodged and fell through to corrugated aluminum doors tearing them off. One of the doors came back and took off one of the wings of Naughty Norma. The crew managed to parachute out and the plane crashed in a forest and burned.

Her final crew was:

Pilot Deeter, David O., 2/Lt. 0-697477 POW
Co-Pilot Reedy, Richard W., 2/Lt. 0-819318 POW
Navagator Moller, William, 2/Lt. 0-712880 POW
Bambadeer Sullivan, George J., 2/Lt. 0-783534 POW
Radio Opperator Schuster, Jack, T/Sgt. 32205078 POW
Engeneer Wilson, William J., T/Sgt. 38464898 Evaded
Nose Gunner Rice, Jacob H., S/Sgt. 39197681 POW
Waste Gunner Rowland, Wilburn T., S/Sgt. 37413237 POW
Waste Gunner Garrett, Frank B., S/Sgt. 39856640 POW
Tail Gunner Lillte, Lester G., S/Sgt. 32583420 Evaded
The two evaders returned to duty on 29 Sept. 1944.

S/Sgt. Garrett was captured at Tiengen/Upper Rhine on 25 July 1944 and apparently attempted to escape to Switzerland. Tiengen is only 5 km from the Rhine (Swiss border). MACR 7554

Bill Moller was a POW after Naughty Norma was shot down. Moller gave Bill Crum copies of letters beginning with a German crash investigator to Gene Hartley, resulting in the correspondence between the German, Uwe Benkel and Bill Moller. Bill folded his wings Feb. 9, 2003.




Crash Site of Naughty Norma


Hubert Folie 

These are the only two flights I have so far for Deeter.



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