What ever happened to 42-94973?

Photo from Chris Gregg

I wish I could say for sure that my Dad was greatly responsible for getting her back in the air. Although she needed a lot of work she did fly again. It seems as though they took parts and pieces off of 4 planes and built one. Here are pictures of the tail before and after.

Photos from Chris Gregg
Notice that in there hurry, the numbers on the tail got transposed.

Along with a new tail, new engines and a lot of other things, for the first time, she also gets a name.

Photo from Chris Gregg
Salvaged Sally

This is from the book "Making For Sweden" page 93.

"The aircraft, although badly damaged, was repaired between October 1944 and March 1945. A complete new tailplane was installed, but when the serial number was painted on the aircraft the figures were '294793' painted instead of the correct 294973. In July 1945 it was flown back to England, having been given the name Salvaged Sally by the United States technical personnel working at Bulltofta."

Salvaged Sally actually flew back to England on July 7th, 1945. Well, I guess she made it back. All I really know is that she left Sweden for England that day. I don't have any other word as to what happened to her.

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