Will the real Naughty Norma please reveal herself?

We may never know the name of the man who was hired to put a brush on the skin of 42-100281 and paint the nose art for Naughty Norma. We were told by the crewmembers that it was some guy there on the base that they paid to do the artwork. We also know that he used a magazine, calendar or something to look at as a model. John Forsyth says it was a picture of Lana Turner.

Lana Turner

I have looked and looked, asked and asked but was not able to come up with anything that indicated that what the guy was looking at was a picture of Lana Turner. Then suddenly I found that the nose art on Naughty Norma was also used on several other planes. It soon became apparent that the "model" was a Varga Girl.

Alberto Vargas was an artist who's work found itself on many planes during WWII. Here is the picture that the man who painted Naughty Norma was looking at.

             Angel Of The Sky                              Home Breaker                                                  Hot Stuff

Arise My Love And Come With Me                                           I'll Be Around                                    

Miss Fit                                                                  Old Iron Pants                       

      Rough Night                                                              Lucy Quipment

Lucky Strike (V1)                                                           Perils Of Pauline         

Shady Lady                                                               TequilaDaisy         

Where have we seen these ladies before? Keep an eye on this site and I'm sure we will find Norma made even more friends.