Dad’s Medals

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Distinguished Flying Cross

For heroism or extraordinary achievement while participating in aerial flight.

Lila Ragland has a newspaper clipping that says  “Arthurdale Soldier Wins Flying Cross Washington, D.C. Aug 14 - The War Department announced today that Tech. Sgt. Harold N. Rhodes of Arthurdale, W.Va., a member of the Eighth Air Force, has been awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross.”

On the back of the clipping is the date 1944.

Engraved on back “T.SGT Harold N. Rhodes A.C.”

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Air Medal

For meritorious achievement while participating in aerial fight.

device_olc_bronze.gif (1127 bytes)Bronze oak leaf cluster denotes each subsequent award of the same decoration.

device_olc_silver.gif (1204 bytes)Silver oak leaf cluster equals 5 bronze ones.

Dad’s has 4 silver oak leaves which would be equal to 21 awards.

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Air Force Commendation

Awarded by the air force for outstanding achievement, meritorious service, and acts of courage.

Engraved on the back “For Military Merit”.

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Purple Heart

Awarded for wounds or death as result of an act of any opposing armed force.

Engraved on the back “For military merit. Harold N. Rhodes”

Air Force Outstanding Unit Award

Given in recognition of achievement of a unit whether in peacetime or wartime.

Air Force Good Conduct Metal

Awarded for exemplary behavior, efficiency, and fidelity while on active duty.

Dad’s has a silver loop, which equals 6 awards.

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Army Good Conduct

Awarded for exemplary behavior, efficiency and fidelity while on active duty.

One of Dad’s has a silver loop on it. That means he received this award 6 times.

American Campaign Medal

This medal is awarded for service in the American theater during WWII.

Dad’s has a silver star on it which equals 5 bronze stars.

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European African Middle Eastern Campaign

For service in the European African middle eastern theater during WW2

Service star for designated battles, campaigns or additional swards, silver service star equals 5 bronze service stars.

Dad’s has a silver star on it which would equal 6 awards.

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WW2 Victory Medal

For service in WW2

Freedom from fear and want, freedom of speech and religion.

Dad had two of these.

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National Defense

For active federal service in the armed forces between 27 June 1950 & 27 July 1954, and from 1 Jan 1961 to dated to be announced.

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Presidential Unit Citation

For service in a unit cited in the name of the President for extraordinary heroism in action occurring on or after 7 Dec. 1941

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Air Force Longevity

Dad’s has 4 silver oak clusters = 20 yrs. 


WW2 Aerial Gunner

WW2 Air Crew